Frank Toyota Stands Down with Veterans Village of San Diego


Frank Motors was back at it again and grateful to have been able to help out with Stand Down presented by Veterans Village San Diego. Many sponsors and volunteers showed up once again in the vicinity of San Diego High School. Many tents were set up to give the homeless veterans a rest.
This is the time of the year homeless veterans in San Diego have an opportunity to become revitalized. GM Ron Fornaca, son Matt Fornaca & Frank Motors Vice President Gary Fenelli were all aboard at the water station helping out. We had a chance to meet other wonderful volunteers. We hope many lives were changed last weekend and we look forward to many more Stand Down events in the future! To commemorate 2016 VVSD, Frank Toyota delivered a check of $2,500 which Toyota USA will match! 

Our very own Coday, ended up giving away a tent that he saves for every year where he chooses one lucky veteran and they are awarded the brand new tent!

Here’s a short list of the stations homeless veterans were able to visit:

·         Hair Cut Station

·         California I.D. Station

·         Resting Station

·         Wellness Meditation Station

·         Pet Resting Station

·         New Clothing Station

·         Kids Station Where Kids Received New Gear Such as Back Packs and Supplies

·         Health Care Station

·         Many More




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