Little Tommy's Book Club & Pizza Party!


His message was simple but held a lot of weight: Make an effort to be nice & read and you’re in the Little Tommy Book Club. Of course joining Little Tommy’s Book Club came with some perks as well! 15 Pizza Hut boxes were brought over as well as a donation to go toward Ms. Inumberable’s classroom! We’re grateful for the opportunity to get into the community and help when we can, especially with our youth.



From Tommy Sablan:

We had the best time today at Olympic View Elementary in Eastlake! On behalf of our radio show and Frank Motors, we spoke to the kids about being nice, respect, books, and friendship! It's Little Tommy's Book Club sponsored by Frank Motors! When every child promised me to be nice, the door opened and Pizza Hut came in with 15 large pizzas! We had a pizza party in Miss Becky Inumerable's classroom! They understood that love and kindness will spread! Love!


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