Germaine Maehler is Nationally Recgonized!


We'd like to acknowledge our Fleet Department Manager Germaine Maehler for her hard work and dedication to the team! She's helped us maintain so many wonderful relationships, and grow our brand and help customers understand our mantra. We're ecstatic to announce that Germaine Maehler has been Nationally Recognized as a top sales person! This comes with countless hours and attention to detail all while maintaining meaningful relationships. We're so proud she is representing the Frank brand and extremely glad she's on our team! Thank you Germaine for helping our loyal customers out in every way you can. Well deserved recognition! 

Photo: Frank Motors - Cake from Hans & Harry's in Bonita, CA.

Photo: Frank Motors - President Gary Fenelli announces Germaine Maehler's Recognition Plaque

Photo: Frank Motors - Germaine Maehler, Nationally Recognized Top Sales Person Ranked #26 in the Nation
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