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We understand that having perfect credit is not always possible.  It may be difficult to find a car loan with a bank if you have bad credit.  Banks often deny car loan applications because of this.  Bad credit scores give banks a hint of money habits, giving an impression of what may be high-risk items to be lent to the consumer, which often determines the difficulty of getting a car loan with bad credit.  Many good people experience credit setbacks.

At Frank Toyota, we have a dedicated department to assist with all of your car loan needs.  We have lenders that can approve you, no matter your credit history.  So if you've had a repo, bankruptcy, judgement, small claim, garnishment, foreclosure, or short sale, Frank Toyota can work with lenders to get you approved.  Get you credit history restarted for the better.  You will be in a better position down the road "in life".

What we need from you:

  • Provable Income (Paystubs or Bank Deposit)
  • Minimum Income of $800/mo
  • Proof of Home Residence (Utility Bill or Bank Statement)

If you have these items, click on our Start Fresh button and we'll help you get on the road.

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We have more experienced bad credit car loan finance managers than nearly any other car dealer group in the San Diego County. Because of our high volume of both good and bad credit car loans, we can offer special financing rates and terms that other local area bad credit car dealerships can not.

We are located in National City on the Mile of Cars, just off of the 5.
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